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1. It was made of 100% real meat

The meat came from a local family butcher in Los Angeles.

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Google has customized results for Obama, but not Romney…Not Fair !

“Once Web users search for “Obama,” they find modified results tailored to that search when they look up information about topics such as Iran or Medicare.”

Google isn’t treating searches related to presidential candidates fairly, a new report charges.
The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that it commissioned a study on the way in which search results related to President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are displayed on Google. The study found that when users search for “Obama” or “Romney,” Google displays standard results. Other related searches, however, are treated differently.

For example, the Journal tried to search for topics ranging from Iran to Medicare. Those who had already searched for “Obama” found that their results were customized to relate in some way to the president. Searches on those topics yielded no such customizations for Romney seekers.

Google has, of course, used personalization in its search results for a long time. And although it personalizes results for Obama searchers, the results did not necessarily show a political leaning toward one candidate or another. Indeed, those who searched for “Iran” would see results that contained mention of both Obama and Iran displaying both laudatory and negative pages.
Still, in a race that is incredibly close with one day until the election, such differences have caught the attention of folks on both sides.

For its part, Google told the Journal that its sole desire to is to “get users the best answers as fast as possible.” The company added that the Obama customization is the result of more people searching for “Obama” and then one of the political topics.

Amazing private hotel pools….

Whether you seek seclusion or an endless blue vista, these oases provide a swanky way to cool down.

Taj Exotica Resort and Spa
South Malé Atoll, Maldives

Every one of Taj Exotica’s villas boasts direct lagoon access, but vacationers who reserve Deluxe Lagoon, Deluxe Beach or Premium Beach villas claim an extra aquatic benefit: their own freshwater plunge pool. The exclusive Ocean Suite not only has its own pool, but a private, sand-filled deck as well. Continue reading

Some Hilarious Factors That Predict Every Presidential Election….!!

Despite what the pundits, talking heads and NPR tell you, the presidential election is still a crapshoot. You think you know what’s going to happen, then BAM! The president of the United States takes a Xanax/Thanksgiving turkey cocktail before a debate. Wouldn’t it be great if you could shut out that political noise and predict the outcome of every presidential election based on completely ridiculous and arbitrary factors?

Guess what? You totally can. Just go by …

#6. The Redskins Rule

The Washington Redskins enjoy one of the most remarkable reputations in political history due to a little correlation called the “Redskins rule.” It’s as simple as it is spooky: If the Redskins win their last home game before election day, then the party in power gets to hold on to the White House. If the Redskins lose, no matter how close the game, the opposition party takes over. Continue reading